October In Person Crop

October In Person Crop

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I am thrilled to host a 3 DAY (you heard me right, 3 DAY!!!!) Halloween-y in person crop full of laughs, crafting, food and friends. 

Friday Oct 20 - 6pm to Midnight


Saturday Oct 21 - 10am to Midnight


Sunday Oct 22 - 11am to 4pm


@Lynnwood Community Hall

Join us for a weekend FULL of fun! There will be tons of food all weekend, including dinner Friday night, as well as Breakfast Lunch and Dinner Saturday, brunch Sunday and enough snacks to make you wish you wore elastic waist pants.... 

We have INCREDIBLE goodie bags (valued at over $45), tons of incredible door prizes, 3 make and takes throughout the course of the event. 

Simply Stated will have a FULL sized set up, similar to at Carnival or other in person events there for your shopping needs, including adhesive, NEW NEW NEW products and there might even be a few new kits to purchase!

Spots are limited so if you are interested, make sure to sign up soon, and I hope to see some of your beautiful faces soon! :) 

If you have any questions or need clarification on anything about this event, please let me know!